About ALD

The market success of our products and services is closely associated with their quality and is directly related to the quest for complete fulfillment of customer requirements. This commitment to protect the reputation and success of our company and strengthen the management defines the corporate policy with the quality management manual.
In a market characterized by competitive environment, it is our ambition to offer not only the best technology and performance as well as customer focus, fast respond to requests and inquiries, innovative solutions and continuous services to customers and deliver. Here, the complete production process is accompanied by measuring and testing processes.

Test methods
• hardness testing (Brinell/Rockwell)
• tensile testing at room temperature and hot tensile test
• tensile testing on whole screws
• impacting testing at room temperature and low temperature
• Proof load testing on nuts

Non-destructive testing
• identification testing
• Ultrasonic testing
• Magnetic Particle Testing
• Dye penetrant
• Visual inspection
• Dimensional inspection / initial sampling inspection
• intercrystalline corrosion testing
• structural analysis, including ground and photograph
• Grain size determination, including ground and photograph

ISO 9001:2015

Quality-Assurance System
for Manufacturer of Materials
acc. to Directive 97/23/EG

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